Gena Milanesi is a self-taught painter whose work reflects a remastered reality through intense brushstrokes & movement. Her powerful color use & bold layers of paint function to achieve a distinct energy with oil, acrylic & other mixed mediums. A Los Angeles native with strong European roots, Milanesi constantly finds inspiration in her surroundings. Following the lead of highly acclaimed artists, namely Jonas Wood, Gerhard Richter, Leroy Neiman & Yves Klein, Milanesi aims to capture the intimate relationship between subject & artist with a straightforward style. While apparently simple at first glance, her work presents a simultaneous exploration of the contemporary that reoccurs showing concepts of newness & practices of the past.

Milanesi's work adorns the walls of celebrities, professional athletes & notable executives, including Robert Shapiro, Jerry West, The Game, Anthony Anderson, & others. Highly influenced by the Yves Klein Archives, Milanesi recently collaborated with distinguished American soccer player Landon Donovan and American basketball player, Chris Paul. Both the athlete & artist employ the paint in a unique manner of contradicting energy with athletic equipment as if the image escapes the canvas. The applied concept to this body of work encompasses a complexity that captures multiple simultaneous dimensions in time through the spectrum of movement & rich hues.

Her versatile style has also attracted corporate entities such as Gibson Brands, Sony ATV Publishing, ESPN, Casamigos Tequila, Veterinary Clinics of America, & Bloomingdales. With echoes of legendary rock records blasting in her studio, Milanesi had a recent collaboration with Gibson Brands to highlight the iconic brand in her first solo exhibition in Los Angeles.

Milanesi graduated from the University of Southern California & currently resides in Los Angeles. She has been part of group exhibitions in New York, London, Los Angeles, & Miami's Art Basel. In January 2017, she had her first solo exhibition at Gibson Brands on Sunset (formerly the iconic Los Angeles landmark, Tower Records).